Early College students attend UNCA Chemistry Day

A group of Polk County Early College students and parents recently attended Chemistry First Day at The University of North Carolina Asheville.

Under the supervision of PCEC science teacher Kathleen Abraham and Polk County High School chemistry teacher Eilene Corcoran, PCHS science teacher, students spent the day at UNCA learning about opportunities relating to chemistry on campus.

The group had the opportunity to meet faculty and current students from the Chemistry Department and explore their state-of-the-art research laboratories. UNCA staff also discussed admission and financial aid as well as the National Science Foundation STEM Chemistry Scholarship Program.

“It was a great opportunity for students to experience a dynamic university and the world class research opportunities that are close to home,” Abraham said.

Visiting students, with guidance from current UNCA chemistry students, ran an experiment in the lab comparing scent compounds found in fruit to those found in popular fruit flavored candies. Lunch in the cafeteria provided an authentic student experience. The day culminated in a campus tour.

“Chemistry Day was really interesting and enjoyable,” said PCEC sophomore Susan Anderson. “I thought the experiment we did was fascinating, and it was cool to get to work with their equipment. I also really liked the campus overall. I think that I would possibly go there for college. Everyone was super friendly. The staff and students were helpful and kind.”

“I enjoyed visiting UNC Asheville. I had not been there before,” said PCEC sophomore Dominic Cruz Painter. “It was interesting and exciting to see all of the science equipment their labs had to offer. I enjoyed learning how the equipment worked and the importance of the real world laboratory experience they had to offer. I enjoyed having lunch on campus and exploring the rest of the university.

“The ability to use the lab and participate in the lab was the best part of the trip in my opinion. The tour was also an exciting experience, as we got to visit the unique parts of the campus. I would definitely consider attending this college.”

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