Educational Choice

Hello.  This is an automated message from Polk County Schools and Aaron Greene.  I am calling to ask families to complete our Student Return Decision Survey I mentioned in my message last night.  This survey will be asking you to make a decision about how your student(s) will return to school this fall.  I know for many of you this is not an easy choice, and some of you are worried about making the wrong decision.  Our Principals will be available starting this Monday if you would like to call them for their help or guidance.  Not that you asked for it, but my advice is to make the decision that takes into account your child’s health status and learning style.  Whatever decision you make, be positive and know we will support you along the way.

You can access the survey at, or click the link in the text or email version of this message.  The survey will be active until Wednesday, August 5, and we encourage you to share this message with other families.

Polk Schools Student Return Decision Survey

We thank you again for your patience and help.  Please know we are doing all we can to prepare quality educational services and experiences for each option.  We will be sending more information out next week to keep everyone updated.  Thank you for your patience, and have a great weekend.

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