Essay earns PCMS student chance to hear Fleck, meet local musicians

Polk County Middle School student Kamron Montgomery was recently featured in the spring 2020 issue of HearHere magazine, sponsored by the Spartanburg Philharmonic.

Montgomery, a sixth grader and the son of Jack and Susan Montgomery, was invited to participate in a Discovering The Banjo program through an essay contest. The contest revolved around the documentary Throw Down Your Heart, which features acclaimed musician Bela Fleck sharing bluegrass music with residents of Uganda, Tanzania, Gambia and Mali.

The topic of the essay revolved around how viewing the film changed the writer’s perspective of the banjo. Montgomery won the essay contest and received tickets to see Fleck during his recent concert in Spartanburg.

Montgomery, who is a PacJAM (Pacolet Junior Appalachian Musicians) participant, also got to take part in meetings with local scholars and banjo demonstrations by local musicians.

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