Johnson returns to Polk County Schools for Bring Your Legislator to School Day

Polk County Schools brought one of its own to the district Monday as part of Bring Your Legislator to School Day.

North Carolina Rep. Jake Johnson, a Polk County High School graduate, spent part of Monday visiting PCHS and Polk County Middle School as part of the second annual Bring Your Legislator to School Day.

The event was introduced to create an opportunity for legislators to experience the day-to-day reality of North Carolina’s elementary and secondary schools for a better understanding of what is working well for students and educators as well as the challenges they face.

Johnson toured Polk County High’s Career and Technical Education classrooms, learning more about the CTE program and discussing workforce development programs and needs. At PCMS, Johnson visited the STEM classroom and talked with teachers involved in the school’s award-winning Science Olympiad and Model Bridge Building teams.

Johnson’s visit concluded with a lunch at Stearns Education Center, where he met with administrators, Board of Education members and school principals for a discussion on district priorities.

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