March 20, 2020 – Wellness

Hello, Polk Schools Family!  This is Superintendent Aaron Greene with a quick message to let you know our teachers and staff are starting their “family wellness check” calls to students and homes today, even now.  Please note these calls will come in as “restricted”, “unknown”, or “caller ID not available.”  If you miss the call please listen to the message and know that someone will try to reach you at a later time.  We are calling to touch base with students, check on families, and get some info that will help us plan as we move forward.  There is no emergency or urgency, but please do pick up if you are willing.  Our staff members will identify themselves when you answer.  We just want to make sure our students and families are doing OK and have what they need. Please let other parents / families know they may get a call.  These first checks will likely continue into next week.  Thanks, and have a safe weekend!

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