March 20, 2020

Hello, Polk Families and Community!  This is Aaron Greene with your March 20 update.  Happy Friday to you all, and thank you for all you are doing to take care of your families and each other.  I hope you can all enjoy this beautiful weather.

Our schools and staff have started family wellness checks and the calls will continue into next week.  When they do call your number you are likely to see “restricted” or “unknown” on your caller ID.  When you answer, our staff will identify themselves and they will be asking you about access to food, if everyone is healthy, if your family needs anything, and if your student has internet access at home.  Please let them know if you need anything, and thanks for taking the call.

We hope you will help us spread the word about our food distribution, online support resources, and family question submission portal all detailed on our site.  We will continue to provide updates there.  Most importantly tell your children that their teachers and schools miss them and love them, and that we look forward to the day we can see them again.

Thank you for taking care of each other.  Go into your weekend knowing better days are ahead.  Thank you. 

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