March 24, 2020

Hello, Polk Families and Community!  This is Aaron Greene with your March 24 update.  Happy Tuesday and as always, thank you for all you are doing to take care of your own families and each other.

Tonight’s message will be brief.  I want to apologize for not having the answers to student and family questions posted yet.  That’s on me.  As we learned yesterday schools would be closed for a longer period of time I am having to revisit and modify those answers.  I do think I can address a few of the questions with obvious responses right now.

When will we go back to school?  We will not be back in school until May 15 at the earliest.  That is all the guidance we have right now.

Will we have Spring Break?  It would appear the answer is no.  Unfortunately I think last week was Spring Break.

Are there any childcare options out there right now?  There are no additional options to my knowledge at this point.  If we learn of any we will get that information out to you.

I will do my best to get the rest of the responses out to you soon and I will likely tackle a few more in tomorrow evening’s message.  Thank you again for your patience with me and with us.

Please continue to check our COVID19 site for updates and let us know if you need anything.  Thank you, and have a good night.

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