Medical student shares school, work experiences with PCHS chemistry classes

Fourth-year medical student Timothy Brown recently spent time talking with Polk County High School students in Leslie Rhinehart’s chemistry classes.

Brown, a soon-to-be doctor studying at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Spartanburg, shared his path to medical school, from high school AP Chemistry to an undergraduate degree in biochemistry (with math and music minors) at UNC Asheville to his selection of a medical school.

Brown discussed his experiences in the classroom, applying to graduate programs and, of course, how he and his wife will deal with their student loan debt (one from pharmacy school and the other medical school).

Brown fielded questions from students and offered to be a contact for anyone considering a path to UNCA and later medical school. He also shared some slides from his work rotations in emergency rooms in Myrtle Beach and Atlanta, where he has dealt with everything from the aftermath of gang and drug violence to the birth of a new baby.

Brown provided lots of great advice, practical paths to becoming a doctor and examples of a life focused on giving back and paying it forward.

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