New computers help Polk Middle STEM students work with robots, coding

Thanks to the generosity of community members, students in Leslie Rhinehart’s STEM class at Polk County Middle School were able to explore robotics and coding.

Students in each grade level were able to utilize the donated computers to study a variety of robotic builds and coding experiences.

Sixth grade classes built and examined scratch type coding to learn how their robot moved and turned and how different sensors could give their robot more abilities. Seventh grade classes explored JIMU robots that could be run via a remote control app on their phones to lessons on blockley coding for the robots. Eighth graders dove into two different explorations by building giant metal Tetrix robots controlled by remote control and learning how to use Arduinos to code different circuits they built.

Watch video of robots in action

Thanks again to the community members who so generously donated computers – Mike and Amy Ashworth, Jon and Brittany Klimstra and Sam Rhinehart.

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