PCEC student designs logo for Friends of the Polk County Public Libraries

Friends of the Polk County Public Libraries recently recognized Polk County Early College student Felicity Rivera for her work in designing a very attractive logo for the Friends group to use on signs, letterhead, shirts and more.

Felicity Rivera

“We appreciate her willingness to spend many hours of her time working on this for our non-profit organization,” said Diana Blanton, Friends of the Polk County Libraries Board Chair. “It shows a very commendable attitude of public service. Most of us are not as comfortable with computers as the present generation, and I’m sure she saved us untold hours of trial and error.

“We most likely would have not been able to produce a design as elegant and understated as hers, either! We trust that she will continue to keep service to others in her community as a priority as she pursues her college degree(s), her future career and life.”

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