Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

NCVPS expects students to maintain academic integrity while participating in online courses. These expectations include the following:

·         Students’ work (such as assignments, postings, tests, and projects) must be original.

·         Student collaboration with others on any assignment must be pre-approved by instructors.

·         Plagiarism, copyright infringement, falsifying work, and cheating are unacceptable.

Here are the consequences for student violations of academic integrity:

Students who cheat, plagiarize, use language translator, or violate copyright laws are subject to disciplinary action. NCVPS instructors will notify the student’s principal and E-Learning Advisor (ELA,) and the suspected violation will be reviewed by all parties. NCVPS will collaborate with the school to determine appropriate action. The review may result in disciplinary action taken by the local school and by NCVPS. The principal and/or the principal’s designee will notify the parents of the suspected violation. The principal will impose appropriate disciplinary action and will notify the student and parents. NCVPS reserves the right to take disciplinary action that may include removal from the class. The NCVPS teacher will give a zero for the assignment(s), but student(s) will be required to re-do the assignment(s).  The grade earned from the assignment being redone will be averaged with the zero to determine the grade the student(s) will receive for the assignment(s).

Therefore, NCVPS expects students to do their own work.

Students will take an Academic Integrity Quiz to tell us that they understand the policy and the consequences for violating the policy.  ALL students are REQUIRED to take the quiz.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the student’s instructor.

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