PCHS astronomy students craft moon models

Students in Shannon Haynes’ astronomy classes at Polk County High School recently created models of moons of the solar system.

Class members had to research and create an information card about their moon and then create a model that resembled it. 

“Some of them did amazing work and put in a lot of effort to ensure their model was a great representation,” Haynes said. 

Many of these strange satellites had distinguishing features such as volcanoes, magnetic fields, large craters, or gashes from the constant tug of gravity from their parent planets.  Others were strangely egg shaped or looked similar to asteroids, with what one student described as a McDonald’s chicken nugget shape.

“It was hilarious to watch students ranging from ninth grade to senior status get so involved in painting or shaping their moons,” Haynes said. “It was messy, chaotic and fully entertaining.”

PCHS students, from left, Chayse Hagins, Mattie Ellenburg, Luke Miller (in background), Cade Bright, Logan Rhodes, Shawn Seidler, Oliver Newton, Lucas Johnson and Gabriel Mejia Chavez

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