PCHS Theater Club to present Graveyard Manor

The Polk County High School Theater Club will present its first performance on Thursday, Nov. 2 with the show Graveyard Manor.

The performance will begin at 6:30 p.m. at PCHS and is free to all. The show is directed by Nikki Parker and will feature around 30 high school students.

Teens of all ages will love this hilariously haunted, fantastically flexible collection of vignettes full of chuckles, chills and thrills.  The main room of Graveyard Manor serves as the backdrop for Griffin, the ghost host (affectionately known as the gHost) who guides the audience through seven madcap sketches. 

Audience members will scream with laughter watching wild werewolves play nice for date night and monsters competing in a television game show.  From runaway robots and brainless zombies to “velcoming” vampires and ghoulish gals Sheila and Evelyn (who are really just visiting from the HR department of a young girl’s brain to do an annual performance review), guests are sure to squeal with delight.

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