Dear students of Polk County High School,

Welcome to another year at Polk County High School. May this year be one of personal and collective growth for the entire PCHS community. 

I believe in developing all students such that they are deep thinkers, effective communicators, and thoughtful collaborators in order to be prepared for academic, professional, and military opportunities after high school. Along with developing these habits, I want to charge each of you with making the most of the incredible opportunities you have at Polk County High School. Those opportunities include learning from the best faculty with whom I have ever worked, maintaining lifelong friends and cultivating new ones, taking advantage of exciting opportunities, and allowing the care and support of this school community and the community at large to give you the courage and perseverance to be the person you most want to be. 

My pledge to you is a simple one. You all will be supported, encouraged, and educated by a faculty, an administrative team, a student services team, specialists, and support staff who want you to succeed. Our collective goal is for you to have the most meaningful high school experience possible and realize your dreams for life after high school. 

I was not born and raised in Polk County, but my roots run deep here. I am grateful to be a member of my Polk County family and the Polk County High School community. 

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to be your principal.


Michelle Bean