Remote Student Information

Polk County High School is excited to welcome our remote students back for the 2020-2021 school year!



General Information

As we begin the new school year, students are engaging in learning in a more varied way than they ever have before.  PCHS teachers have been working hard to meet the challenge of providing instruction to a variety of learners that include students who will be engaging in classes remotely.

“Remote” refers to a student who will participate and engage with a class from an off campus location.

Teachers will be responsible for communicating with their remote students on a regular basis as well as providing specific details about things like assignments, due dates, grading and other general expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I hear something from my child’s teachers about remote learning?
    • Teachers will be sending out detailed instructions on how students should proceed with their course.  Students should check their school email for details that will be posted from their teachers by Monday, August 24th.
  • How does my student access their email?
    • Their email is their student number followed by (Example: and can be accessed through the Gmail suite
  • What is my child’s password to their email?
    • The default password for student account is:
      • Capital letter of their fist name
      • Lower case letter of last name
      • Year of birth, month of birth, day of birth
      • Example:  Brandon Schweitzer’s birth date is August 2, 2004 (password=Bs20040802)
  • What if my child forgot their password
    • Please fill out a help ticket and we will reset their account to their default password.