Remote Learning Information


Please click the appropriate grade level to find team contact information for remote learning.

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
Exploratory Classes


How to log into a school-issued Chromebook: 

  • If you are using a personal device you do not need to complete these steps
  • Your user name is your student number. 
  • Your password is your first initial capitalized. Your last name initial lowercase. The year you were born. Your birth month and your birthday. (example: John Doe’s birthday is January 30th, 2006 so his password is Jd20060130)

How to access your email:

  • Go to in your internet browser
  • Type in your email address (your student number
  • Your password is the same password from the Chromebook login above
  • If you are using a school-issued Chromebook, you should be logged into your email account automatically
  • Please check your email DAILY for assignments and announcements from your teachers!
  • Your email inbox should contain invitations to join online classrooms by Friday, August 21st.

How to access your Google Classrooms:

  • First, check your email inbox for invitations to all of your Google Classrooms. 
  • Once you have accepted invitations, just type in into your internet browser to access your Google Classrooms.

How to access your Canvas Classroom: 

  • You need to log into your Powerschool dashboard. You can access Powerschool at the PCMS Links page. 
  • Enter your username (student number) and password (same as Chromebook login above). 
  • If you experience issues attempting to access PowerSchool please call the school at 828-894-2215. 
  • Once you are in on your dashboard- Click the Canvas Icon.