Pedal Up Polk continues support of PCMS Kindness Kash winners

Graham Turner and his nonprofit organization, Pedal Up Polk, have once again demonstrated their commitment to Polk County Middle School students by donating bicycles for the fourth consecutive six weeks.

The bikes were awarded to the latest Kindness Kash winners at PCMS. The Kindness Kash program, a cornerstone of PCMS, rewards students for their positive actions and exemplary behavior.

The latest recipients of this honor are sixth grader Bralyn Staley, seventh grader Bryan Vazquez-Rodriguez and eighth grader Daniel Ramirez.

“We are incredibly grateful to Graham Turner and Pedal Up Polk for their continued generosity and support of our students,” said PCMS Principal Adam Dedmon. “These donations not only reward our students for their positive behavior but also encourage them to stay active and healthy.”

Pedal Up Polk, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cycling and healthy living in Polk County, has been instrumental in enhancing the lives of countless individuals through their charitable efforts. By fostering community partnerships and soliciting donations, Pedal Up Polk has been able to provide bicycles to schools, youth programs and individuals in need across the county.

For more information about Pedal Up Polk and its initiatives, visit their website at

Bralyn Staley
Bryan Vazquez-Rodriguez
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