Polk Central does a theme a day for Red Ribbon Week

Polk Central Elementary recently celebrated Anti-Bullying and Red Ribbon Week with a different theme each day of the week.

The themes included:

  • You Choose to Love & Respect Yourself & Others!- Wear red/hearts, talk about watts to respect yourself and others
  • You Choose to have a Bright Future!- Wear bright/neon colors, talk about good choices to help you have a bright future
  • “Hats On” To Making Good Choices for Our Body- Wear a hat to support making good choices for their bodies (eating healthy foods, exercising, staying germ free, mindfulness)
  • Turn Your Back on Meanness: Choose to Spread Kindness – Wear your shirt backwards to support turning your back on saying and doing mean things and making the choice to choose to be kind
  • Choosing to be a Team Player – Wear a sports team or rocket gear to remind us to think about being a team player
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