Polk Central fifth graders busy with science, social studies projects

Fifth grade students at Polk Central Elementary have been busy of late with a variety of science and social studies projects under the guidance of teacher Andrea Walter.

Throughout October, students are studying the major world aquifers to understand how water scarcity is different around the world. The Smithsonian science kit entitled “How can We Provide Freshwater to those in Need?” addresses weather, ecosystem and matter learning standards.

During a recent science lab, Polk Central fifth graders engineered a way to move water from one beaker to another. They learned to use a syringe (pump) and a three-way valve to complete this challenge.

Students also recently took part in partner reading about ancient people of the Americas during a social studies lesson.

Students studied the Puebloan, Mississippian, Plateau, Iroquois and Algonquin cultures to learn about important aspects of American Indian culture.

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