Polk County Board of Education seeking elementary parent feedback on schedule

The Polk County Board of Education would like your input on possible schedule changes for students in grades PK-5.

Educators have experienced many new challenges in attempting to serve both in-person and remote students during the pandemic. Providing instruction and follow-up for students in these different settings and situations takes a great deal of time and effort. The Board is considering a schedule change for elementary schools that would give additional time to teachers for working with remote students and better support planning for all students.

The Board realizes any change to the current schedule in grades PK-5 may be difficult for parents and families to navigate, and they would like to know your preferences before making a decision. For example, some families might be able to handle students being out of school for a half day better than for a whole day, and for others it might be the opposite. There are also families for which any change would be a significant challenge. For now Wednesday is being looked at as the day a change may take place.

In order to get your input on any potential schedule change, we are asking families to complete a very brief survey to provide your preferences. You will be asked to rank each possible change according to your preferences and what works best for your family. You can access the survey here or by going to www.polkschools.org and finding a link on that site.

We would like to get these responses as quickly as possible, so we ask that you complete this survey by the end of the week. We thank you in advance for your help and for supporting our teachers.

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