Polk County Schools cafeterias achieve perfect health scores

It’s something that Polk County Schools officials can never remember happening.

All six Polk County Schools cafeterias received a perfect score from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services during their recent round of inspections.

School cafeterias are inspected three times each academic year, and those visits are all unannounced.

“While we pride ourselves in always achieving a near-perfect score, there are small things that take half a point, such as a shelving unit needing to be replaced or a light bulb in the cooler not being the correct wattage,” said Child Nutrition Director Jennifer Peeler. “Sometimes these things are out of our control, but are always addressed immediately.

“This time, however, all of our employees went above and beyond and their hard work paid off. If you see a Child Nutrition employee, please take time to thank them for all they do for our schools.”

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