Polk County Schools to hold moment of silence in honor of Tennant

Polk County Schools will hold a moment of silence on Thursday in honor of the late Geoffrey M. Tennant.

Tennant, who served in roles ranging from teacher to chairman of the Polk County Board of Education during an association with Polk County Schools of more than 50 years, passed away in July.

Throughout that time, Tennant made an immeasurable impact on the youth and families of Polk County, both through his constant championing of young people as well as financial assistance for scholarships and programs through the Ann L. Turner and Geoffrey M. Tennant Foundation.

The moment of silence will be held Thursday at 8:25 a.m., the time chosen to represent Tennant’s birthday of August 25. Polk County Schools invites all community members, wherever they are, to join in a moment of silence at that time.

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