Polk Middle STEAM students explore chemistry-related topics

Students in Leslie Rhinehart’s STEAM class at Polk County Middle School have been extremely busy during the first six weeks of the current school year.

The theme of the first six weeks was chemistry, and each grade level focused on different applications of chemistry. Eighth graders got to explore the Chemistry of Chocolate, learned about the different chemicals in chocolate and got to put their knowledge to the test by making their own chocolate from scratch.

Seventh grade students got to explore chemistry they would find in their kitchens and utilized their artistic sides to create a volcano that used acid-base chemistry to make the lava as well as use Vernier pH probes to test different items found in the kitchen.

Sixth graders, meanwhile, got to explore the periodic table and learned about the first 20 elements by playing element bingo and making their own element block on aluminum foil.

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