Polk Middle students rewarded for acts of kindness with new bikes

In a heartwarming celebration of kindness and community spirit, Pedal Up Polk has awarded new bicycles to the winners of Polk County Middle’s Student Kindness Kash program for the first six weeks of the academic year.

Pedal Up Polk, founded by Polk County High School student Graham Turner, is on a mission to improve lives through bicycling. The Student Kindness Kash initiative rewards students for their acts of kindness, big and small.

During the school year, students at Polk County Middle School are encouraged to perform acts of kindness within their school. These acts could include helping classmates with their studies, volunteering or simply brightening someone’s day with a kind gesture.

Each act of kindness earned Kindness Kash, which were collected and later used for a special drawing. The lucky winners of this drawing were awarded bicycles, generously provided by Pedal Up Polk.

The winners, who were all smiles as they received their new bikes, expressed their gratitude for the program.

Pedal Up Polk, under the leadership of its founder Graham Turner, intends to continue its partnership with Polk County Middle School each six weeks to promote acts of kindness, making sure that the wheels of positivity and generosity keep turning at PCMS.

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