Polk students learn Farm to Table cooking methods

A group of Polk County elementary and middle school students recently participated in a Farm to Table Cooking Seminar conducted by Rebekah Morse and Kimberly Granville.

The students were taking part in one of Polk County Schools AIG Summer Seminars funded by Polk County Community Foundation.

The week started with a trip to Colfax Creek Farm for a tour and the task to buy meat and produce for 10 meals with minimal funds and no recipes. During the week, there were basic skills taught such as knife use for cutting vegetables and breaking down a chicken. Mystery boxes contained items to create a recipe, determine the nationality the food represented, the cost associated in U.S. dollars and conversion to the country’s currency.

Each day, students shared their food creations at the table together. For the elementary students at the camp participating in the upcoming school year’s Battle of the Books (BOB), they were able to experience a recipe from one of the books, “A Place at the Table.”

At the end of the week, remaining ingredients were used to make and deliver cat and dog treats to Foothills Humane Society.

Students and instructors thank Polk County Community Foundation for funding the camp and Colfax Creek Farm for teaching the students where their food comes from and the importance of buying and using locally grown meats and produce.

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