Polk students tackle Lego robotics, engineering during summer program

Elementary students in Polk County participated this summer in a Lego Robotics and Engineering program funded by the Polk County Community Foundation as part of the AIG Summer Seminars series.

Students designed Lego robots to move, speak and play games. They built Lego parade floats and created codes to make their floats move in different directions and play music, with some students adding secondary motion on top of their floats.

Students coded Cozmo Robots to travel through mazes using programming codes and also designed codes that caused each robot to dance, sing and repeat funny phrases while directing it to make directional turns and travel certain distances at different speeds.

Students also designed mazes for other students to master.

The program provided students the opportunity to be creative in the design process and use problem-solving skills to decide what code would work best to achieve.

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