Return Decision Survey

Hello.  This is an automated message from Polk County Schools and Aaron Greene.  I am calling to remind families who have not done so to please complete our Student Return Decision Survey.  We are extending the deadline for completion to the end of this week.  I want to thank all our families who have already given us your response.  Again, please complete the Student Return Decision Survey if you have not already. 

You can visit for more detailed information on the differences in the options for student return to school.  Many of you have reached out to our Principals and schools with questions this week, and you may still do so if you wish.  Whatever decision you make we will support our students and you along the way.

You can access the survey at, or click the link in the text or email version of this message.  Again, the survey will be active until midnight Friday, August 7.

Polk Schools Student Return Decision Survey

We thank you again for your patience and help.  Have a great end to your week.

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