A unit about the traditions of Hanukkah culminated with a game of
(socially distanced) dreidel. ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, and
the Arts were integrated in the learning activities in Ms. Rogers’s
first grade class. Students made their own dreidels and
answered questions about whether the materials were living or
non-living. They studied the history of the 8 day/night celebration
and Hanukkah vocabulary words such as menorah and latke and gelt
(Yiddish for “money”). During the dreidel game, students were asked to
pause several times throughout to count their paper ‘gelt’ and
determine what “10 more” would be. Each student will receive a piece
of chocolate gelt from Ms. Rogers for each day of this holiday.
Students will also add a candle to paper menorahs they made, labeling
the specific date of that evening’s “lighting” on each candle.

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