Golden Paintbrush Award

This is our 1st ever Golden Paintbrush Award. This is a new tradition for Saluda School. Only one person from each class will receive this award at Christmas for the Fall, and at the end of the year for the Spring.
This award is given to those students who come into Art quietly and respectfully. This student listens the first time instructions are given and follows instructions to the best of his/her abilities. This student is creative. He/she is able to problem solve as needed to complete his/her assignments. He/she completes each assignment in the allotted time. He/she always does neat work, asks Art Smart questions, and strives to do his/her best on each assignment. Instead of asking me, “Is this good enough?”, this student asks him/herself, “Have I done my best? Or even, “How can I fix this?”. This student can often be seen, after completing his/her assignment, trying to help others complete their assignments.
Not everyone will win this award. But if they do, Dr. Maneen is going to set up a wooden plaque with brass name plates for those who win. Their names will be posted as a Golden Paintbrush Recipient for years and years to come. Congratulations to our Fall Winners!!

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