Sneaky Leprechaun

Mrs. Richardson and Miss. Robinson’s second-grade class at Saluda Elementary had an eventful day on Thursday, March 16th, 2023. A sneaky leprechaun left a surprise in the classroom only one day before St. Patrick’s Day. It all started when a leprechaun destroyed the classroom. Officer Perry came in a panic and expressed that he saw a green flash on the cameras, but did not see any issues around the campus. While cleaning up, the students found “magical leprechaun juice” that only students are allowed to drink. The label clearly said that if adults were to drink it, their feet would turn green! While the teachers thought this was a joke, they proceeded to drink it! They quickly realized that the label was in fact not a joke. The teachers’ feet were completely green and the 2nd-graders were in complete shock. After drinking the juice, the class and Officer Perry went on a scavenger hunt to find the leprechaun and his pot of gold. The scavenger hunt began to feel like a wild goose chase when walking back and forth across the school. The last clue led them right back to their classroom where they found snacks, gold coins, and magical leprechaun dust. After enjoying a quick snack, the students realized there were notes on their magical leprechaun dust that gave directions. The directions said, “just add milk”. Luckily, the teachers found some milk and added it to the magical leprechaun dust. Lo and behold, the dust turned green and even had gold nuggets inside! This allowed the students to review science standards about solids liquids and gasses. After mixing milk with the dust, students had the opportunity to taste the substance, but most were not a fan. It was a magical day, and Saluda’s 2nd graders had a heap of fun!