Saluda students get introduction to Muddy Sneakers

Students in Ginger Rackley’s fifth grade class at Saluda Elementary School recently got to participate in their first Muddy Sneakers expedition of the year.

Muddy Sneakers provides students with an outdoor classroom experience for science lessons. As part of their introduction to Muddy Sneakers, students learned how to use a compass and how to stay safe on their expeditions. Students learned through observation and games.

“Muddy Sneakers is so awesome. I love how they teach us!,” said student Tula Flynn.

“I have enjoyed Muddy Sneakers so far. I loved playing Salamander Tag and using a compass,” said Charlie Erdesky.

“Muddy Sneakers was fun,” said Lyra Nonamaker. “We learned, had fun, and stayed safe. We played Salamander Tag. It was so fun.”

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