School choruses unite for district-wide concert

Polk County witnessed a harmonious convergence of musical talent as choruses from throughout Polk County Schools gathered May 2 for the First Annual District-Wide Chorus Concert at Polk County High School.

Under the batons of Lacey Cochran and Cole Kittredge, choirs from Polk Central Elementary, Sunny View Elementary, Polk County Middle School and Polk County High School graced the stage with their collective voices.

The concert showcased a diverse repertoire blending both timeless classics and contemporary pop favorites. Each ensemble took center stage to deliver individual performances, showcasing their unique styles and talents.

A standout moment of the evening came when all groups joined together to perform the iconic anthem “We Are the World.” Adding an inclusive touch, the performance incorporated American Sign Language, emphasizing the universal language of music and unity.

Beyond its musical brilliance, the event served a larger purpose, acting as a catalyst for community cohesion and support for Polk County Schools’ choral programs. Attendees, including students, parents, faculty and community members, reveled in the opportunity to come together in celebration of the arts and education.

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