Science, gingerbread and marshmallows: A busy and fun time for Polk Central fourth graders

Polk Central Elementary fourth graders in Leann Wilson’s class recently designed the structure of gingerbread houses and followed procedural text to create marshmallow catapults.

The students then used the scientific method to modify their catapults as they measured the distances reached when throwing small and large marshmallows.

Students then drew conclusions about:

  • What the base for gingerbread houses should be to ensure success and how to get royal icing to harden to create a solid foundation
  • What design works best for a catapult, how it should be reinforced, what could be modified for greatest range, does the size and thickness of the rubber band make a difference, would it work as well with a fork or spoon and other details

Students had a great deal of fun with both exercises.

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