Sheriff’s Office donation to help keep Polk County Schools safer

The law enforcement efforts of Polk County’s Sheriff Office will help keep Polk County students safer in the future.

Polk County Schools received on Monday a check for almost $13,000 from the Sheriff’s Office, that money coming from the sale of items seized by local officers.

The funds will be used to implement additional school safety measures in Polk County Schools.

“We are very fortunate to have a strong relationship with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and local law enforcement in Polk County,” said Superintendent Aaron Greene. “They support and assist us in so many ways, and we thank them for keeping our students, schools and community safe.

“These contributions will help us further invest in student and school safety initiatives. On behalf of the Polk County Board of Education and all of our Polk Schools family, I thank Sheriff Tim Wright, County Manager Marche Pittman and Chairman Tommy Melton and the Polk County Board of Commissioners.”

The funds originated from court orders and an auction disposing of 42 firearms after an evidence and property room inventory was completed last year. Thirty-three firearms were turned over to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office by court order in domestic violence matters and nine firearms were turned over as the result of a felony drug and firearms case.

During the past two calendar years, more than 1,400 items have been disposed of by court order. North Carolina law specifies that proceeds from the auction of firearms turned over to a sheriff’s office are to be provided to the local school board to supplement budget funding.

“Our team has done an excellent job bringing the evidence and property room into order over the past two years,” said Sheriff Tim Wright. “We always look forward to helping the schools and other county departments as much as we can, and I’m sure Mr. Greene and the School Board will find a great way to use this money that helps our children.”

“The Board of Commissioners is always glad to support the students and staff of Polk County Schools,” Melton said. “The Board of Commissioners continues to support the work being done by the Board of Education to provide both a safe and effective classroom environment for all students.”

Photo: Present for Monday’s ceremony were, from left, Polk County Board of Commissioners Chairman Tommy Melton, Polk County Sheriff Tim Wright, Polk County Schools Superintendent Aaron Greene and Polk County Manager Marche Pittman

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