Students explore Harmon Field ecosystems as part of AIG Summer Seminar

A group of Polk County students spent a week this summer exploring the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems around Harmon Field in Tryon.

The exploration of local nature took place as part of Polk County Schools’ AIG Summer Seminars series, made possible through a grant from the Polk County Community Foundation.

Polk County Middle School science teachers Elisa Flynn and Stephanie Luedi led the AIG Nature session.

During the week, students learned about water quality issues and buffer zones. They used mobile apps to learn about the vegetation in the Riparian zones (the area between land and a river or stream), surveyed the macroinvertebrates and learned about the microscopics as well.

The students also had an opportunity to learn more about the Stream Bank Restoration Project taking place at Harmon Field, getting to meet with the engineer leading the grant-based project and learning why stream banks are so important.

To complete the week, students did a clean sweep of the Pacolet River inside Harmon Field boundaries.

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