Second Grade

Mrs. Ginger Turner, Teacher



Some of our curriculum this year will include; addition/subtraction (up to 3 digits), cursive writing, life cycles, sound and where it comes from, basic reading/vocabulary skills, geography (FLAT STANLEY), various cultures and much more! Some of our unit titles to keep in mind are easily categorized by holidays. Around Halloween we discuss sound and how bats hear sound, Thanksgiving we have a pilgrim book study, we “fly” around the world to see what Christmas looks like in other countries, in February we discuss Black history month and African American culture, in March/April we do poetry and life cycles. We will also participate in the one book, one school program.  We have a lot to learn in only 180 days.


I give 20 minutes of reading and minor spelling homework nightly; HOWEVER, I only check homework on FRIDAYS. I do this on the understanding that families with multiple children, all in various activities, can be a struggle for that family. Throughout school, my mom would stress having one daughter in band and basketball, the other daughter in tennis and afterschool clubs and trying to balance all of that and homework! I completely understand. So, if your child has basketball practice on Monday night and nothing on Tuesday, skip Monday’s homework and double up on Tuesday-don’t sweat it because I don’t check homework until Friday. Homework is not meant to be stressful; don’t let it control your family’s activities. I am sending a notebook home for your child to complete homework in and will return spelling tests in these for you to keep track of the progress your child is making. This is another way I try to teach students organization, planning ahead, and time management.

Class Rules:

My class rule is very simple. BE KIND. It is the only rule I have. I think every problem in life could be solved if we approached it kindly. We will talk about being “bucket-fillers” and practicing kindness. Please allow discussion with your child about this at home.

In Closing:

I am so excited to see what this new year holds. I look forward to spending time with you and your student. If you need me, feel free to write a note or email me at I will be conducting parent conferences around the end of the first six weeks. Also, be sure you turn in all forms send with you promptly to help me better know your child.