Tryon fourth graders relish chance to watch eggs become chicks

Whether the chicken or egg came first, Tryon Elementary School fourth graders have a new understanding of the process involved.

Members of Jennifer Stewart’s class recently had an incubator full of Easter Egger and Cochin eggs that provdided an opportunity to study for all fourth graders at the school.

On the seventh day of the growth process, Stewart showed the students the development of the chicks by candling the eggs and having the students observe the chick inside the egg.

Students watched and waited 21 days until the chicks finally hatched. The students got to watch as the chicks pipped and finally hatched.

Stewart’s students kept the chicks in the classroom for a few days so the children could learn how to take care of them.

“Watching the chicks hatch has been one of the most fun things I have done all year,” said student Kendall Taylor.

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