Virtual Career Day: Videos and activities to encourage career exploration

Editor’s Note: School Counselor Ashley Bell of Polk Central Elementary worked on a resource for students and families to participate in a Virtual Career Day.  There are videos from local staff and organizations included as well as other online resources.

It doesn’t matter if you are five years old or a high school senior, it’s not too early or too late to talk about your future job or career.

So what exactly is a job or career anyways? A job is something that you do to make money, that you do not necessarily need any training to do. A career, however, is a long-term job that you do that normally requires specific training or education.

At five years old, you probably don’t know exactly what you want to “be” or “do” when you grow up and some teenagers still may not know what career path they want to take. This is normal.

I hope you use these resources to get your brain thinking about your future career and spark some interest.

Not sure where to start?

Check out the Career Interest Quiz or the Multiple Intelligence Surveys to learn more about yourself and your interests. Use this to help you research different jobs or careers that may follow your interests. 

Career Interest Quiz– This is a career interest survey based on pictures and only takes about five minutes to do.

Multiple Intelligence Survey– For Younger Students

Multiple Intelligence Survey– For Older Students

Types of Smarts– Description of the different types of Smarts or Intelligences for Kids.

Let’s do some Job & Career Research

Use one of these sheets to help you research and look into different jobs and careers. 

Virtual Career Day Video Organizer– 2nd grade & up

Short Career Research– 3rd grade & up

Career Research Project– 5th grade & up

Career Videos for Local Jobs/Careers

Click on the links below to view short videos of some local (or nearby) community members sharing about their jobs and careers. 

College Business Science Instructor (Isothermal Community College)– Tiffany Cooper

Counselor– Ashley Bell

Health Educator (Cleveland County)– Tania Dixon, Zakoya Spikes, & Grant Wilson

Independent Beauty Consultant– Anita Bowyer

Nurse– Courtney Edney

Occupational Therapist– Emilina Smith

Pet Sitter– Alisha Richardson

Pre-Litigation Personal Injury Paralegal/Negotiator– Travis Blackwell

Teacher-Megan McDaniel

Water Operator– Dylan Turner

More Career Videos for Jobs/Careers

Click on the links below to view youtube videos (varying in length) of people sharing information about their jobs and careers.

Job  & Career Exploration Websites & Activities

Paws in Jobland-For Younger Kids Students Students Students

Website to Review Careers by Cluster-Older Students

College Prep Activities-Activities for Elementary students and up

Career Sentence Strip Activity– For Younger Kids

Career Guess Activity-For Younger Kids

Career Cluster Word Search-For Older Elementary Students

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