Why I Teach: Stephanie Luedi

The reason that I teach is hard to narrow down to just one thing, and it is  also hard to put into words. I will do my best to keep it short and sweet.

As some of you know, I am an alumni of Polk County Schools. So my “WHY” I teach and my “WHY” I chose Polk County Schools  go hand in hand. I was never an outstanding student during my time at Polk Schools. I struggled academically and emotionally, but that never stopped my teachers, administrators, coaches, and school staff from supporting me and encouraging me to figure out my dreams and to follow them.

I feel like my teachers always saw me for who I was and where I could go. They never counted me out based on things out of my control. They taught me to focus my efforts on things I could control and to dream big. When I ventured out into the world after high school, I very quickly realized how prepared I was to be successful. My time at PC Schools molded and taught me how to be a successful teacher and person in general. I strive to teach my students today the way that my teachers taught me: with kindness, respect, and dignity, to name a few. 

I always felt like PC schools were my family and that still holds true today. I am so thankful to work with such creative, high achieving, passionate, kind and inspiring individuals on the daily. We have created an atmosphere of high expectations for ourselves which translates directly to our students. Through setting the bar high, I truly feel that I get the privilege of teaching the best students in the state. Getting to design and develop lessons and then watching my students learn and achieve success is truly rewarding. 

Although I know that not every minute of every day is perfect and a success, I encourage you to leave school each day asking yourself, “What was my greatest achievement today? What am I most thankful for that happened today?” I bet if you take a moment to think about the positives that happen with your students every day, you would  have too many to count. I know I do. My students constantly encourage me, humble me, and teach me. It is a privilege to be granted a glimpse into the lives of my students, and to continue to be able to sit on the sideline quietly supporting them as they move on, learning and growing, through their failures and successes.

Through education lies opportunity. To be able to provide my students with education ensures that opportunities will occur that will allow them to flourish and grow into productive adults.

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