School Calendar Committee

Draft Calendars


The Polk County Board of Education has requested the development and approval of calendars on a two year, rolling schedule.  This year the Calendar Committee will be developing school calendars for the 2021-2022 & 2022-2023 school years.
The Board understands the calendars may need to be updated as laws and policies change at the state level.


Draft 2021-2022 Calendars

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3


Draft 2022-2023 Calendar

Version 1



School Calendar Rules

School Calendars must meet the following requirements:
  • Start date no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26 and end date no later than the Friday closest to June 11 
  • Covers at least nine calendar months.
  • Must have a least nine (9) teacher workdays.
  • Local Boards shall designate two (2) workdays on which teachers may take accumulated vacation leave.  Local Boards may designate the remaining workdays as days teachers may take accumulated vacation leave.
  • Have a minimum of ten (11) annual vacation leave days.
  • Have the same or an equivalent number of legal holidays occurring within the school calendar as those designated by the State Personnel Commission for State Employees.
  • Veterans Days shall be a holiday for all public school personnel and for all students enrolled in the public schools. 
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