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Polk County Schools created an export on 12/8/2021 of the materials contained in the library management systems for our schools.  The export is available as an Excel spreadsheet and a .pdf file at the link below.

Updated files were posted on 12/14/2021.  These files now include the library materials from Polk County Early College.  The materials in this school’s library are not part of a library management system, so it took additional time to generate a complete list.

The first column of the export shows the school where the library material is located.  The following abbreviations are used in the export:

  • PCES – Polk Central Elementary School
  • SES – Saluda Elementary School
  • SVE – Sunny View Elementary School
  • TES – Tryon Elementary School
  • PCMS – Polk County Middle School
  • PCEC – Polk County Early College
  • PCHS – Polk County High School

Questions about thee exports should be directed to Assistant Superintendent Dave Scherping at 828-894-3051.

Click on the links for the export.

Polk Library Export

Excel File

Polk Library Export

.PDF File

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